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Our Services

 ECU Programming  coding

ECU Remaps Remapping

Dyno Tested Remap
15–40% Extra Power
8–15% Improved MPG
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Software Warranty

Vehicle Battery Drain Test | Car Battery  Overnight Battery Drain Test


Instrument Cluster Repairs  BCM Immobiliser 

Fuel System

System Repair   DSG TCM

Speed Limiter 

Car Keys Programming

Steering Locks Ignition Locks Repairs 

ABS ESP Repairs

Engine ECU/ECM Full Updates and Flash Programming

SRS/Airbag/Restraint Module Programming (Pre-tensioners, airbags, ECUs,

Central Convenience Modules

Comfort Control Modules

Automatic Transmission Updates, Re-calibration and programming of Adaptation

ECM/ECU Immobiliser

ECM/ECU Build Coding

Air-con Modules

MAP Sensor Adaptation

Diesel Injector Programming

Fuse Box Module

SBC Pump Programming

EGR Adaptation

New & Existing Key/Remote programming and coding

BMW Specialists for all the BMW   retro-fitting, and coding    electronic ECUs, especially BMW DDE, DME, FRM, BDC, CAS, DWA, KOMBI circuit board repair, programming and cloning used ECUs services

Immobiliser repair | Body Control Module Repair | Instrument Cluster Repair | Car key Programming 

Mercedes Benz specialist  retro-fitting, and coding   CarPlay  For Apple Mercedes​

Steering Locks Ignition Locks Repair

Coding and programming allows us to code and programme OEM ECU’s, Keys, Optional extras and OEM dealer

Auto Service

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